Collaboration Capital is an impact investment advisory firm, focused on public and private market investment strategies built around a client-specific mission. Their product is a portfolio of assets commonly referred to as an “ESG portfolio,” which seeks alignment along Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) factors.

The firm believes that using traditional investment analysis, with additional ESG screening, can produce alpha-generating returns while working within the client’s specific impact and risk profiles. What does this mean? A focus on values does not have to limit investment growth potential.

Collaboration Capital Team

Why Collaboration Capital?

At Access Ventures we seek mission-alignment in every area of our work. Collaboration Capital has been instrumental in achieving this goal. Building an ESG portfolio is tremendously difficult given the lack of transparency around impact reporting. Collaboration Capital assisted us as we navigated the process of building an ESG portfolio, helping to find partners across asset classes and working within our impact mandates.

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