Like many other sectors in the world today, the traditional way of starting and growing a business is being disrupted. New ways of finding capital for your business seem to be popping up every day and we believe this as a good thing.

There are still barriers to entry for many entrepreneurs who are trying to get an idea off the ground. “We have this thing called the venture capital process and it’s so logical and it’s so wrong,” says Ross Baird. “Venture capital is just 1% of all businesses.”

Access to financial capital is important, but also the right kind of capital.

We believe in leveling the playing field for all entrepreneurs, so how do we promote a more inclusive ecosystem around entrepreneurship? In this 6:00-minute video, Bryce Butler, Managing Director at Access Ventures, sits down with Ross Baird, CEO of Village Capital, to discuss these types of questions centered around inclusive entrepreneurship.

Baird and Butler also discuss broadening networks, sourcing deals, term sheets and alternative funding options for entrepreneurs that could be more beneficial to their long-term goals. Watch the video below and subscribe to receive updates as we publish more videos discussing similar topics.

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