Seriously Local. Southern Delicious.” is the tagline for our latest Growth Loan recipient Farm to Fork Catering. Sherry Hurley started this delicious catering company in 2009 following a desire to make a bigger impact in the world by combining her passion for cooking with a commitment to the local foodshed.

farm to fork

Over the years, Sherry has performed multiple roles within the restaurant industry from hostess to general manager of a fine dining establishment. It was soon thereafter when Sherry felt the need to rediscover herself.

I love feeding people and want to buy as much local food as possible.

She began work at a foundation located on a 400-acre farm, and eventually tapped into her entrepreneurial side when she saw that no one was filling the need for locally sourced catering. With the help of friends, Farm to Fork became a reality that is filling that need.



Farm to Fork has relied primarily on word-of-mouth advertising since it’s inception and has been operating at full capacity with the need to expand for a few years now. In the fall of 2014, she began that expansion with a $5,000 interest-free, crowdfunded loan on Kiva to purchase much-needed technology and software to capture more sales.


With the additional needs by the end of 2015, that are typically hard to finance, a character based Growth Loan from Access Ventures was a great fit for her small business. The Growth Loan process gave Sherry the chance to leverage her character and business model to access larger amounts of capital. Character-based lending makes it easier to unlock capital for expansion needs like Sherry’s that might not qualify for a small business loan in a traditional sense for one reason or another.



I’m not just buying vegetables, I’m helping to support a farmer’s family.

The larger community will benefit from a loan to Sherry in multiple ways:

Environmentally – Sourcing ingredients from local farmers results in a smaller carbon footprint with less transportation requirements.

Economic Growth – Small businesses are big time job creators, and a portion of this loan is resulting in more job opportunities.

Value Creation – Many people say that local food grown with natural methods just plane tastes better. By answering the demand for locally sourced catering with high-quality ingredients, Sherry is making it that much more enjoyable to call Louisville home!

More than anything, our Growth Loan process is a conversation. Establishing confidence in you, the borrower, is an important piece of the equation. If you’re interested in learning more about the Growth Loan, please take some time to fill out this form so we can connect and begin the conversation.

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