We believe that small business owners are the unsung heroes in communities. Every day, these hard-working entrepreneurs struggle to identify adequate sources of capital to grow their business. Access Ventures is committed to creating and supporting solutions that increase access to the funds that entrepreneurs need. Our Growth Loan is a character-based loan up to $35,000 for small business owners who cannot access capital through traditional underwriting methods.

The Growth Loan provides simple access to funds for your growing business and bridges the gap to bankability.

Starting a small business is a necessary risk, and that risk is often too great for traditional financial institutions. Small businesses have been underserved by traditional banking methods, and as a result entrepreneurs are turning to other financial options to find capital.

Blair Leano-Helvey of Entomology Solutions LLC received a Growth Loan to finance the renovations of her retail store and lab.

Blair Leano-Helvey of Entomology Solutions LLC received a Growth Loan to finance the renovations of her retail store and lab.

The Growth Loan leverages great character and promising business models. Loan use is flexible including working capital, website improvements, and more. We have built an accessible loan product without the headaches and requirements that are normally associated with the hunt for financing. Here are some of the features of our Growth Loan:

Grow — We offer up to $35,000 for businesses to increase inventory, buy equipment, or on anything else that a business might need to flourish. Our loans provide small businesses the capital needed for growth.

Relationships — A personal review process builds relationships with business leaders that want your business to succeed. We will support your business by providing insight on opportunities to grow rather than focusing solely on a critical evaluation.

Time — We know owners of small businesses have limited free time. Our process is quick and provides the greatest value and efficiency to business owners needing capital.

Cost — We refuse to offset risk with high-interest rates. Instead, we address risk during the review process through character endorsements and personal interviews. Unlike online services, we provide interest rates that are at or below market.

Our Growth Loan for small businesses looks beyond your credit scores, financial collateral, and initial sales patterns. These historical methods of evaluation should not be done away with, but history has proven that evaluating small and large businesses in the same manner limits the flow of capital to these valuable components of our communities.


Tyle Deeb of Misc. Goods Co. received a Growth Loan to hire their first part-time employee and place a large order with suppliers to restock inventory!

More than anything, our Growth Loan process is a conversation. Establishing confidence in you, the borrower, is an important piece of the equation. If you’re interested in learning more about the Growth Loan, please take some time to fill out this form so we can connect and begin the conversation.

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